Terms and Conditions

B y purchasing on this website, you accept these conditions and terms.  Therefore, we recommend that you read the conditions and terms carefully before place an order.


Internet advantages

When you order articles at FCKfanshop.dk, you have several advantages. No queue, open 24 hours, and simple ordering with clear product information. The articles can mostly be delivered immediately. Contact us if you need more information.

Delivery charges when purchasing at fckfanshop.dk

When F.C. København Fanshop transports your article, we use the following delivery methods: Parcel – online payment / PostNord – postage and handling DKK 59.00.
NB! – We do NOT send the articles COD!
Delivery abroad only by online payment. The prices of delivery abroad are as follows:
Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, USA, and Austria: DKK 75.00.
Norway: DKK 100.00.
Australia and Romania: DKK 230.00
Greece, Greenland, Lithuania, and the rest of Europe: DKK 260.00.
The rest of the world: DKK 475.00.

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the articles ordered and where to be delivered. Usually our articles can be delivered within 1 to 3 WORKING DAYS. In a few cases the delivery time will be longer – most often in case of remaining orders – if this is the case, you will be informed by e-mail or phone. You will always be able to see the expected delivery time in the survey of the ordered articles. Do not forget to check the delivery time before you complete the order.
The processing time for articles to be delivered abroad might also be longer, 14-16 working days.

Delivery of more products

If you order more products, we deliver all articles at the same time as a starting point.
Delivery charges You only pay freight charges once, no matter how many products you purchase.
You always receive a survey of the total delivery changes when you order articles at www.fckfanshop.dk

We handle your order in this way

When you complete your order at our website, it is received in our order handling system.
The following morning all new orders in the system are printed. In particularly busy periods it might take a few days before we start the order processing. Do ALWAYS make a note of the expected delivery time in your order confirmation BEFORE you accept your order.
Then all articles to be delivered by Post Danmark are ”picked”. They are wrapped properly and packed in big cages which are picked up by Post Danmark in the afternoon.

Terms of business at www.FCKfanshop.dk

This concerns the terms of www.fckfanshop.dk. We make you aware that the guarantees and practice of FCK Fanshops are in accordance with the The Sales of Goods Act.
Placing of order
When you have filled in an order, our system automatically sends you an e-mail specifying the products you have purchased.
We inform you that this e-mail:
- is NOT a legally binding order confirmation by which agreement has been made.
- is ONLY an electronic reply from our system confirming your entry of data. As a consequence of that we have the option of cancelling your order if the mistake is due to misprint, technical problems, delivery failure or the like.
- does NOT automatically guarantee that the article/articles are in stock.

As a customer at www.fckfanshop.dk you receive an auto-reply specifying the articles ordered, the delivery address, and all personal data. Then F.C. København Fanshop handles the order personally. When the order is despatched from a F.C. København Fanshop, an original receipt will be sent along with the product.
This receipt will be the purchase certificate of the product. It is not possible to reach the receipt afterwards at our website. If copy of the receipt is required, please send an e-mail to fanshop@fck.dk or contact us by phone 35 43 74 01 dial #4.
NB: The receipt sent is made in Danish language.
All prices stated at www.fckfanshop.dk are inclusive of 25% VAT. We are not responsible for typing errors, changes in taxes, sold out articles etc.
Cancellation of order
You may cancel an order which has not been despatched – by contacting F.C. København Fanshop on phone 35 43 74 01 dial #4.
F.C. København Fanshop delivers parcels worldwide. F.C. København Fanshop is not responsible for changed delivery dates, but will inform of that in such cases.
When you purchase at www.fckfanshop.dk, you have, of course, always the right to return within 14 days from date of receipt.
Right to claim compensation for defective articles
F.C. København Fanshop offers customers the right to claim compensation for defective articles according to applicable laws. A right to claim compensation of 24 months is granted for all articles.
Incorrectly stated prices/proof mistakes
We are not responsible fro incorrectly stated price or proof mistakes at www.fckfanshop.dk

When you have visited fckfanshop.dk, we know as follows

- Which pages you have visited at www.fckfanshop.dk and when
- Which browser you use
- Which IP address you have
If you have accepted the use of cookies in your browser set-up, a cookie will be set at the moment you visit www.fckfanshop.dk The information is only used in connection with the running fckfanshop.dk.
In order to receive the ordered articles you have to inform www.fckfanshop.dk of name, postal address, phone number, and e-mail address. Name, address, and e-mail address are stored together with information of which product you have purchased in order to comply with the terms of guarantee.

Register yourself as a customer?

As a customer at F.C. København Fanshop you are not obliged to register yourself at fckfanshop.dk, but you have the option to register yourself as a customer under "log ind". The purpose of this is to make it easier for you to purchase. If you choose to register yourself, your data are stored unencrypted on a secure server; only the password is encrypted. F.C. København Fanshop makes you aware the transmission of your personal data is not made via an encrypted connection.

In order to register you as a customer we require the following information:

- First name
- Family name
- Address
- Postal code and city
- Country
- Phone number
- E-mail
- User name

Handling of personal data

When you purchase at F.C. København Fanshop, you consent at the same time that we store your personal data and that we share them with PARKEN Sport & Entertainment A/S and related activities of own articles and services as well as procurement of articles and services, if any, on behalf of selected co-operating partners. News and offers are sent electronically by, but not limited to, e-mail and SMS or by ordinary mail.

Storage of personal data

Your information of name, address, phone number etc. is handled in strict confidence and is used to attend to your order.
Legislative requirements for the fincancial report of companies mean that we are obliged to store your personal data for five year.
F.C. København Fanshop is responsible for the handling of personal data.
Personal data are stored by F.C. København Fanshop in a database on a secure server to which there is no direct access from the internet.
We do not pass on your personal information to third parties. According to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data you have the right to inspect and object to the information about you. You can read more here.

What is a browser?

A browser is the programme you use for surfing the internet. In Danish a browser is now and again called a 'screen reader'. Examples of screen readers are Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer.

What is an IP address?

An IP address (IP = Internet Protocol) is the numerical address which a computer must have in order to be connected to the internet. A so-called 'name-server' (in English DNS-server - DNS = Domain Name Service) then provides for translation of the numerical address into a name which is easier for us as human beings to understand. For example is the numerical address of http://www.fi.dk/

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is placed on your machine. The cookie makes it possible for the net shop to keep a check on what you put into shopping bag. The cookie of the net shop is deleted at the moment you close your browser.

Is it possible for me to delete all cookies placed on my computer?

If you want to delete all cookies on your computer, you can select ‘Tools’> ‘Internet Settings’ in Internet Explorer. Under 'Temporaty Internet Files' you are able to delete cookies. Please be aware that you also delete other cookies which you might have on your computer. In Netscap you go to ‘Edit’ > 'Settings' and here you can make the setttings of your cookies.

Prevent that cookies are transferred to my computer?

Yes, you can cut off this option. In Internet Explorer you select the tab ’Security’ under 'Internet Settings'. Under 'User-defined level’ you delete cookies. In Netscape it is done at the same place settings of cookies.

Methods of payment

At FCK Fanshop internet shop we strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers. For that reason we have different methods of payment.


On the order confirmation under "total costs" all costs are included. Including freight and handling charges, too.


All stated prices in FCK Fanshop internet shop are inclusive of Danish VAT.


We offer you 14 days to exchange/return all articles. Except from player shirts with printed name and number as well as autographed articles. These articles are not taken back.
If you return an article, we ask you to send the article + receipt as well as your name, address, phone number and your registration number, account number and name of bank to F.C. København Fanshop, Øster Allé 56, 2100 Copenhagen Ø (marked ”Return”). On receipt of the article we will pay the amount into your account as quickly as possible (expect a processing time of 5 to 7 days).
All returns must be agreed in advance with the mail order department on phone number 35 25 70 15 or by mail to fanshop@fck.dk Read more about your rights with regard to right of cancellation and complaints on the information pages of the consumers’ ombudsman.


All returns must be agreed in advance with the mail order department on phone number 35 25 70 15 or by mail to fanshop@fck.dk.
We offer you 14 days to exchange/return all articles. Except from player shirts with printed name and number as well as autographed articles. These articles are not taken back.
If you exchange an article, we ask you to send the article + receipt as well as your name, address, phone number and a slip with information of what the article is to be exchanged to, to F.C. København Fanshop, Øster Allé 56, 2100 Copenhagen Ø (marked ”Exchange”). If the price of the new article is lower than that of the old article (after deducting return postage), we will pay the amount into your account. In that case we ask you to send us registration number, account number and name of bank (expect a processing time of 5 to 7 days).

Defect articles

All returns must be agreed in advance with the mail order department on phone number 35257015 or by mail to fanshop@fck.dk

If an article is defect, not self-inflicted, we do, of course, exchange it if the article is still in stock. If the article is in stock, you can call 35257015 and order a return slip covering the postage. On receipt of the article we will send a new one as soon as possible. If the article is no longer in stock, you can exchange the article to another article or have the amount returned. In that case we ask you to enclose a receipt and what you prefer. If you want to exchange the article to another, please write which article(s) you want instead, and add the price difference by a cheque. If the price is lower than that of the old one, please send information of registration number, account number, and bank name in order for us to pay the difference into your account (expect a processing time of 5 to 7 days).